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    We are the Paramarines

    That's right. We're back.
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    Routine Paradrops

    The Paramarines conduct HALO, HAHO, static line, and even fast roping to complete the task at hand!
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    Night Operations

    Night Vision Goggles are a must when operating in a dark environment. NVGs are frequently used when stealth must be maintained.
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    Supported by Marine Air Group 36

    Marine Aircraft Group 36 is composed of F/A-18 Hornets, UH-1Y Venoms, and V-22 Ospreys, and CH-53 Super Stallion.
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    Dedicated Automatic Rifleman
    • Enlistment Date

    • Induction Date

    • Promotion Date

    • M.Luda


    • Rank Progress

      Date Rank Progress
      2021-09-21T14:29:25Z 0
      • Next Rank Private First Class
      • Points Required 16
      • Rank Progress 0%
    • Weapon

      • Weapon
        M16A4 Rifle
    • Activity

      • Reported In
    • Length Of Service

      • Time In Service
        3 months and 19 days
      • Time In Grade
        3 months and 17 days


    1. Name


    Combat Duty Assignment

    Combat MOS


    Combat Position

    Dedicated Automatic Rifleman

    Combat Unit

    Leave of Absence

    Combat Supervisor

    Administrative Duty Assignment(s)

    MOS Position Unit
    Soldier is not assigned to any administrative units.
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